Gung Cakra Injector

Gung Cakra Injector APK Download (Latest V1.4) Part 6 for Free

4.3 V1.4 7MB

Day by day Mobile Legends Bang Bang is becoming more thrillers and sensational. In fact, its avid players require the support of exclusive tools that can help them to modify the game. So, the Gung Cakra Injector APK is the latest android app where you will find ML skins, Recall Battles, Backgrounds, and other premium features. With the support of its features, you can customize the game at your fingertips.

Simply, this is a modern Injector, which acquires exclusive features and tricks. Definitely, you will feel progress in your game after applying its features because it will automatically polish up your skills. In fact, with its provided features you can unlock the beneficial items in the game which are hidden and hard to gain until you pay for them.

So, now without paying a single dime you will able to gain all the essential features according to your preferences. Along with classical ML skins, you will get unique features such as accurate Maps and Drone cameras. By using these advanced features you can also avail the hidden aspects of the game and can customize the game.

Doubtlessly, the Gung Cakra Injector is the finest app of the time that includes mind-blowing tricks and items. With its support of it, you can easily beat your enemy and can gain a sustainable position in the game. Moreover, if you are curious to know about the alternative to the app then tap on the NBS Reborn 2023 which also provides similar features.

What is Gung Cakra Injector?

Mostly, players want to gain a good position in the MLBB game. For this purpose, players are tirelessly doing efforts to achieve their goals in the game. Now, with the support of Gung Cakra Injector, you can make it, because this Injector will full fill all your requirements in the game for free.

Classical ML skins, Numerous Avatars, Battle Effects, Backgrounds, and Recalls are worth gaining features of this Injector. Certainly, these entire features will give power to the players and will boost their gaming skills of players. Along with this, it also contains admirable characters and offers huge numbers of costumes for them.

It has appreciative security directions and most importantly it is an anti-ban Injector. Indeed, it doesn’t require any registration and subscription formalities. So, without any other concerns hit the download button and Injector on your devices.

Gung Cakra Injector Features:

Now, we will discuss the features of the Gung Cakra Injector because it is important to know the features in detail. So, more precisely we will discuss the main features of the Injector.

Let’s begin with the main and worth-gaining features of the Injector.

Modified ML Skins:-

This app provides huge numbers of modified ML Skins to numerous characters and avatars in the game. Here you will find ML Skins in two categories likewise Anime Skins and Custom skins.

  • The top 08 costumes are available for various characters.
  • Get skins for Assassin, Mage, Tank, Fighter, Support, and Marksman.
  • Unlocked Anime Skins.
  • Easily access Classic skins, Old ML skins, and Unique and Basic Floric Skins.
  • Hayabusa, New Kagura, Odette, and Lancelot skins are available.

Various Recall Effects:-

There are numerous Battle Recall effects available in this app and anytime you can apply them.

  • Dark Mode and Light Mode.
  • Latest Hallowen and MSC options are there.
  • Venom and Saber notable options.

Appealing Backgrounds:-

This app gives convenient background themes this its gameplay looks very attractive. So, you are free to change your background and can apply the one you love most. Doubtlessly, each background gives real effects.

Other Features:

  • Anti-Ban Injector.
  • Password is not required.
  • Third-party Ads are totally locked.
  • Functional features.
  • Handy user interface.
  • Compact in size.
  • Compatible with all androids.
  • Fixes Bugs and manages errors.
  • Impressive security practices.
  • Safe and Secure.
  • Free of cost.

How to Install Gung Cakra Injector?

  1. Click on the download button and in a few minutes the download link will generate.
  2. Go to the “setting” app on your android devices and enable unknown sources.
  3. Once you will allow the sources you will get the notifications on your screen.
  4. So, browse the downloaded APK file of the Injector and click on the installation process.
  5. Now, you can access the Gung Cakra Injector because all requirements are done.


If you want to become an unbeatable player of MLBB then Gung Cakra Injector APK will support you to achieve your dream. This is a remarkable android app that offers unlimited ML skins, Recall, Battle effects, and backgrounds. So, with the help of its items, you can polish up your skills and ca beat pro players of the game at your fingertips.